Things to Do During Your Trip to Lombok Island

With the rapid modernization and industrialization, a lot of people become prone to stress as the pressure on their workplace become harsher. The employers demand for perfect results in the most efficient and effective ways, which leads to extra efforts and tons of workloads. Excessive stress may cause people to underperform. Thus, taking a break is essential to maintain their performance at work. Some people will take their time to relax at home with family, while others go on vacation to escape their daily hectic life. If you want to have a vacation, but do not know where to go, then having a trip to Lombok Island in Indonesia can be a great solution. This island offers hundreds of tourist attractions that will help you ease your body and mind.

In this article, we will describe some of best place in Lombok Island that you can visit during your vacation based on reviews from various travelers. Those places are listed below:

  • Visiting Sekotong Islands: going to Lombok means you are able to visit the tropical islands near Lombok. The most recommended nearby island to visit is the chain of Sekotong Island. This island chain consists of a sandy, small beach with coral reefs surrounding it. These coral reefs exhibit the unforgettable beauty for your snorkeling experience.
  • Relaxing at SelongBelanak Beach: at the Southern part of the island, there are many beaches that are magnificent to be captured with your camera. These beaches are a lot of better that the beach in Bali and it has lesser number of visitors. SelongBelanak Beach is one among the most recommended beaches is. This beach extends along the semicircular bay and its ocean floor is sandy. You are able to enjoy a fresh coconut and rent surfboards on the small stalls along the beach.
  • Visiting Tiu Kelep Waterfall: you can find a lot of waterfalls at the Lombok’s hills. The recommended waterfalls to visit are Tiu Kelep and SendangGile Waterfall. Tiu Kelep Waterfall is situated at the island’s north part. It provides wonderful and breathtaking scenery with lavish tropical jungle nearby the falls.
  • Sunrise at Mount Rinjani: exploring Mount Rinjani is one among the most famous tourist activities in Lombok. This activity, however, cannot be finished in just one day. The majority of people take the 3 day 2 night trekking tour to hike this mountain. Even though it is slightly expensive than most tourist attractions in Lombok, it is definitely worth it. The breathtaking landscapes of the Lombok Island and faint scenery of Mount Agung in Bali will greet you once you reach the top of Rinjani. This tourist activity is recommended for those who love outdoor activity.

Those are the list ofthings to do in Lombok. A short vacation is probably not enough to explore all the interesting things provided by these islands. However, those activities listed above will certainly become the most unforgettable memories you have ever experienced. Don’t wait any longer! Pack your things, and enjoy the beauty of Lombok Island!

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